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Gianni Vacca

Gianni Vacca


Marketing is a vast field of knowledge. Managing, studying, and sharing this extensive knowledge is a unique value that has guided me throughout my career. I have experienced a multitude of roles and transitions: from being a student to a trainee in the USA, an employee at a global company in the UK, a freelance consultant, a partner in a private company in Italy, a COO for the Chinese branch of a company, and finally, founder and CEO of a marketing design company in Switzerland. Each experience exposed me to a different market environment.

My journey has been shaped by the diverse people I’ve encountered along the way. This collective experience forms my personal Marketing Mix. I’m grateful for the contributions of each individual I’ve met, as they have played a crucial role in making me who I am today.

It will be my pleasure to share this Marketing Mix for a hot topic in Zurich: Eco-Sustainability