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Event special offer


3,000ms to venue

Use the promo code “e-sustainability” to take advantage of the special conditions for this event.


A part of the Sorell hotel group, Hotel Sonnental in Dübendorf is just 10 minutes from Zurich airport. Its proximity to the exhibition centre makes our Dübendorf hotel an ideal venue for your seminar or conference, with up to 3 rooms available for your meeting.

Event special offer

ZwiBack (ZwiBack Hotel & Bistro)

2,600ms to venue

All the guests attending the e-Sustainability 2020 Event can access discounted rate on the whole stay using the special code corp_23. Just follow the link for your booking and apply the code.

The Dolder Grand

8,500ms to venue

At 8.5 Km from the event venue, it is one of the most prestigious hotels in Zurich with a breathtaking view over the city. With your own or rental car, you can reach the event in about 15/20 minutes.

For the use of public transport it will take you around 40 min, refer to this LINK


12,000ms to venue

The exceptional service of a world-class hotel, in the privacy and personal surroundings of a beautifully designed apartment. Welcome to Le Bijou; welcome to Switzerland.

Reach the event venue in 20 minutes by car or if you prefer public transport consider at least 50 minutes. Here you can get the details for connections with public transport.

Hotel Schweizerhof Zürich

12,000ms to venue

If you want maximum connection to the train station, this is the accommodation for you.

For over 140 years, the hotel has been inspiring people from all over the world. By combining classic charm with contemporary luxury, guests are treated to the feel of Old World elegance with the added convenience of modern accommodations and courteous, friendly and attentive service.

Reach the station in 4 minutes by walking and then take the train to Dübendorf. In a maximum of 30 minutes you’ll be at the event venue. Have a look to the itinerary

If you prefer the car… it will take you about 15 minutes. Here is the best itinerary