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Oct 25, 2023
Switzerland Innovation Park | Dübendorf | Switzerland

e-Sustainability 2022 is now over.

Thank you to everyone who attended for making the event such a great success.
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Serge Younes

Head Of Sustainability @ Investindustrial

Andreas Streubig

Svp - Global Corporate Responsibility & Public Affairs @ Hugo Boss

Beatrice Conde-petit

Sustainability Officer @ Bühler Group

Manuel Linder

Senior Digital Strategist & Innovation Manager @ Migros

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Investing in sustainability means INVESTING IN PROGRESS & RESPONSIBILITY to solve one of the world’s biggest challenges. All stakeholders, investors, consumers as well as employees ask companies to switch from PROFIT to PURPOSE-DRIVEN businesses. Leading companies are already making the effort to transform their initiatives to concrete actions however many challenges are still in place. Transformation goes hand in hand with INNOVATION & CHANGE. Sharing knowledge facilitate reaching those ambitions.

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Companies are in need of change. Incredible opportunities are hidden: reshaping how doing business and moving towards more responsible and sustainable strategies is key.


Cloud sustainability protocols, carbon footprint measurement, advanced grid management softwares are just few emerging environmental sustainability technologies of the new era. More to discover.


Recognising the complexities of investing in sustainability and knowing there is no one-size- fits- all approach is key. Climate has become an emerging focus and different stakeholders such as investors and consumers look into long-term initiatives to tackle ESG.


The newest trends suggests organisations to perform transformational advancement in their corporate structures to reach innovation.

Holistic management towards sustainability and progress is a priority for not only well-consolidated business models but also for start-ups.


In an era of rising complexity the business models that succeed are the ones that use digital technologies to access new markets and define new ways to grow.

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