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Andre Bernheim

Board president & CSO @ Mondaine Watch Ltd

My name is Andre Bernheim, born in 1958 in Zurich. Raised and primary school in Herrliberg and living now between Meilen and Davos. I am married since 1986 with 2 adult childern, and 2 golden retriever dogs. I graduated at HSG in finance, worked then in Germany, Brazil and USA for about 2 years before entering Mondaine Watch which was founded by our father in 1951. Until 1999 my father, brother and i worked jointly, and in 2002 I was CEO of the company until 2018 when we hired an external CEO. My brother and I are the only share holders. Two department remain with my, beside being president of the board: all legal matter, and sustainability, and I consult the teams in terms of innovation as all these areas are where I got the most experience and can contribute the most to the company. Biggest achievements: several innovations and patents like paychip (2017), connected watches (before apple), bezel locking system, backlight. Achieving sustainable milestones across the road, with highlights of PV in the factory (2019), comprehensive co2-neutrality (2020), castor oil case (Mondaine) and ocean waste plastic (Luminox), animal free leather (2022).
Leisure: family including dogs, skiing, sailing (racing and casual), biking.